Six Gifts For Children That Send A Positive Spiritual Message This Christmas

It can be difficult to find gifts that promote a positive, spiritual message during the holiday season; it seems that most potential purchases focus on technology rather than the fundamentals of Christianity. Give something to young recipients that puts the reason for the season first. Six gifts this Christmas that send a spiritual message for children are: 1.       Spiritual Books and Reading Material Give young people the gift of reading with a Christian book about the Bible's teachings on sin. [Read More]

Garden Ornaments With A Spiritual Or Religious Connection

There are many ways to decorate your garden. One of the most popular ways is to get a statue or ornament that has a spiritual connection. Some of these items have a specific religious connection, while others fall more into the category of general spirituality. Below is a list of a few ornaments that you might want to decorate your garden with. The list will include those with a specific religious connection, as well as those that are more spiritual in nature. [Read More]

Worshiping Brings Health Benefits

Belonging to a religion and regularly attending worship services does not just benefit people spiritually. Studies show that a religious life that includes church attendance and prayer can lead to better physical and mental health. Worshiping regularly will make you happier and healthier.  Worship Services Research has shown that people who regularly attend church are happier than those who do not, although experts are not certain how much of this mood boost comes from worshiping and how much is a result of the opportunity to socialize. [Read More]

God's in the Garden: 7 Reasons Why Today's Nonprofits Want Kids to Have Green Thumbs

Introducing children to gardening is an effective way to reach vulnerable children in any circumstance. It's worth investing in garden-oriented, nonprofit programs for children because they offer so many spiritual benefits. Children are good candidates for this type of blooming outreach for 7 important reasons: 1. They learn to have faith and work with their Creator. A garden provides solid proof in the wisdom of having faith in a seed. Children learn that you plant a tiny bit of something, tend it for a few months, and you are repaid with a plant that flowers or feeds you. [Read More]