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The Used Bookstore: When You Want More Than What Is Trending

A true reader will read almost anything. However, each reader still has certain authors and genres that he or she prefers to read. They also recommend books to each other all the time. The problem is these books are not always available in stores that sell new books or on the shelves of a department store. Quite often, you will need to locate a book online or go to a used bookstore. Unless you are looking for the latest releases from the current best-selling authors, you should skip the chain stores and head to a used bookstore.

Rare and Unusual Books

You would be surprised at the books you can find in a used bookstore. It is not uncommon to find old leather or cloth-bound books, first editions, or titles that have been out of print for a long time. If you are looking for a specific genre that is not popular enough to warrant a lot of room in a new bookstore, you can often find it in a used bookstore. For example, books about religion and spirituality will have a shelf or two with only the latest and most popular titles in a new bookstore. However, in a store that sells used books, you will find older books that are often the foundation for the new, popular ones.

Knowledgeable Workers

The workers in a used bookstore are usually more into books than the cashiers at the chain stores. In a chain store you can go to a central computer to find the location of a book you are looking for, without any help from an employee. When you go to a used bookstore, you have the opportunity to talk with someone about the books. When looking over the section that holds the genre you are interested in, the worker or owner may know who brought in some of the books. If you do not see the one you are looking for, he or she may know someone who may have it.

A used bookstore has an atmosphere similar to a library. It is calmer, and more respectful to the arts than a big, bright, loud chain bookstore.  While you won't find dozens of copies of the books that are trending, you also won't find games, videos and other merchandise that has nothing to do with reading. What you will find is a place where you can get lost among the books, stories and information. There is nothing wrong with reading and enjoying the books that are trending. When you find an author you really like, go to a used bookstore to find his or her older books too. You wouldn't want to miss out on it just because it isn't on the bestseller's list anymore.