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Six Gifts For Children That Send A Positive Spiritual Message This Christmas

It can be difficult to find gifts that promote a positive, spiritual message during the holiday season; it seems that most potential purchases focus on technology rather than the fundamentals of Christianity. Give something to young recipients that puts the reason for the season first.

Six gifts this Christmas that send a spiritual message for children are:

1.       Spiritual Books and Reading Material

Give young people the gift of reading with a Christian book about the Bible's teachings on sin. Depending on the age of your recipient, books about biblical stories with moral lessons are perfect to help young children understand their faith a bit more.

2.       Family-Focused Movies

Take a look at some of the best family movies of the season and consider giving one to a child this holiday for a DVD player or laptop. You may also want to look at some of your own favorite holiday flicks from when you were a kid to find inspiring titles with positive messages to share.

3.       Daily Devotionals

Children that are at reading-age may enjoy their own daily devotional, which can provide a positive spiritual message each day, but buy age appropriate ones, though. Ask your bookseller or merchant for some suggestions or search online for kid-friendly daily affirmations.

4.       Study-Bibles and Journals

Another great gift is a journal or study-bible for a teen or young person. Choose one that could be a keepsake later, and make sure to write a message and the date inside for your recipient.

5.       Coloring Books

Religious themed coloring books and crayons are the perfect gift idea for young children – as well as some older kids, too! You will be able to find these online for recipients of all ages.

6.       Christian Crafts

Crafting supplies make an inspiring gift, too. Fill a box with googly-eyes, construction paper, glue sticks, and pens or crayons to supply your young friend with everything they need to create something magnificent! Download easy tutorials and step-by-step instructions for your recipient to follow; the feeling of accomplishment when completing their project can be positive and powerful for young children.

Visit Christian bookstores and sites to find other distinctive gifts for young people that convey a spiritual message, including unique stocking-stuffers and secret-Santa gift ideas.

This season don't fall into the trap of settling for gifts that are like all the rest; look for presents that send a positive message during this special time of year. Consider these six gift ideas that convey Christian morals for all the children and young people on your gift-giving list.